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Our names are Jason & Jill Gauss and we have the pleasure of knowing several refugees frome Sudan. Their names are Louis, Jacob, Jacob, & Michael, and they are part of a group know as the "Lost Boys". They were given this name after most of their families were killed (Men, Women, & the daughters) while they were out in the fields. They spent years wandering from Sudan, to Kenya, to Ethiopia in hopes of finding refuge, only to be turned away by their governments. Many of these Lost Boys died from starvation, dehydration, disease, wild animals (Lions & Crocadiles), and ultamataly bombers from the North Sudanese government. Finally the UN stepped in and created a camp and President Bush Sr. granted most of them Greencards to the US. This was almost ten years ago, and I can tell you that these boys are wonderful people! Please donate...even $1.00 per person can help. Thats all for now, Jason & Jill (j4gauss)

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