About Darfur

Darfur, Sudan is the site of the world's most dire crisis. Since 2003, over 400,000 people have died at the hands of the Sudanese government and Janjaweed militias. Millions have been forced from their homes. We the international community have done little to stop the genocide.

The Darfur Wall

The numbers 1 to 400,000 cover the 40 panels of The Darfur Wall. Each number represents a person killed in Darfur. By donating $1 or more you can light a number, turning it from dark gray to brilliant white. As we light the wall, we acknowledge the importance of each life lost, we cast light upon a tragedy too many have ignored, and we overcome one barrier to peace.

Organizations We Support

One hundred percent of the proceeds from The Darfur Wall are donated, in equal parts, to four organizations:

Who We Are

We are Dan, Jonah, and Matt Burke, a father and two sons, two software engineers and a psychologist. Together we direct The Darfur Foundation, a non-profit corporation based in New York City. (We recently moved from Seattle, Washington.) The Foundation's sole aim is to raise money to support peace in Darfur. We pay the Foundation's expenses from our pockets so that it may donate all of its proceeds.

Financials and Filings

More Information

For more information about the Darfur conflict, visit these web sites: