Privacy Policy

The Darfur Foundation protects your privacy. We collect and store as little personal information as possible, and we transmit personal information securely.

Information We Collect and Store

When you donate to The Darfur Foundation, we store

  • your name (optional),
  • your location (optional),
  • your email address (optional),
  • your IP address (an approximation of your location for our donation map),
  • the amount of your donation, and
  • the date and time of your donation.

We promise not to use your information for any purpose other than this web site. We will never sell your information to anyone.

Billing Information

Our checkout pages are secured by industry-standard SSL, which makes it extremely difficult for a third party to intercept your billing information in transit.

When we receive your billing information, we securely transmit it to our merchant-services provider, PayPal. Then, we discard it. Because we do not store your billing information, it is not at risk if the security of our database is compromised. We also offer PayPal Express Checkout, which allows you to donate without sharing any billing information with us.


If you provide your email address, we will send you confirmation of your donation in email. If you check the "Send Me News" box, we will send you updates on The Darfur Wall. Otherwise, we will never send you anything after your confirmation. All emails we send will allow you to unsubscribe easily.

Information Stored on Your Computer

We use a cookie to identify your session so that our checkout process may span pages. We use a StatCounter cookie to gather usage statistics. We store no other information on your computer.

More Information

Please email us with questions about this policy.